Sea Kayaker Magazine Article Now on This Web Site

The copyright of the Sea Kayaker Magazine article has now reverted to me so the full article as published in the magazine and on the web site is now available on this site. See the Pages section for the link.

Bow Roll Rescue Published in Sea Kayaker Magazine

The full story of the development of the Bow Roll Rescue along with detailed instructions and pictures showing how to perform it has been published in Sea Kayaker Magazine. The October 2007 issue containing the article is available at kayak shops and newsstands now and is also available directly through Get the magazine and read all about it today.

Videos of Bow Roll Rescue in Action

These videos show the Bow Roll Rescue being performed from different angles. Read the full article in September issue of Sea Kayaker Magazine to get details of the technique. Then check out these videos to see it in action.

Video 1 – View from bow of rescued kayak

Video 2 – Closer view from side and then bow of rescued kayak

Video 3 – Great view from side of rescued kayak

Note: Each of these videos is roughly 16M in size. They may take a while to download depending upon your connection speed. Format is QuickTime Video with a MOV file extension. You will need QuickTime player or plugin to view.

Bow Roll Rescue Web Site is Born

During the development of the Bow Roll Rescue I became concerned that it might get mutated when being passed along. While some mutations might be good, others might reduce the effectiveness of the technique. Hence the decision to maintain a web site devoted to presenting the current and latest aspects of this sea kayak rescue method. The article has just hit the stands in Sea Kayaker Magazine so it’s about time this site went live.